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Superman II (The Donner Cut)

I finally got around to seeing this and I didn't think it was an improvement over the original.

What I didn't like…

- It felt rushed for some reason and it didn't feel as grand or as epic as the first. Reminds me of Men in Black II which people jokingly call "Men in Black 1.5". Some people online suggest that maybe it was because this cut was made from a lot of a lot of unfinished material. That fact wasn't noticeable since it was edited well, but it was clear that something was missing, making the movie feel "off" and a lot smaller in scope.

- I miss the Paris scenes.

- They undid everything with time travel again. I can't believe they did that. This alone is enough to sink the movie.

- Clark going after that trucker in the diner at the end seemed mean since time was turned back. I suppose you could argue though, that the trucker was a mean bastard anyway and had it coming.

- Not so much a dislike, but did Superman just leave Lex in the fortress when he destroyed it?

What I did like…

- The inclusion of Jor El.

- I quite enjoyed seeing Lois figure out that Clark was Superman. That part unfolded better in this cut.

- Lois in a Superman nightshirt.

- I liked seeing Clark get his powers back. It was a little more than just a handwave here.

In the end, I prefer the original cut for feeling bigger and more like a complete movie. Ideally though, it might be nice to see a cut that includes the best of both. Paris, Jor El, seeing Clark getting his powers back, Lois figuring things out Donner-style and no turning back time.
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