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Re: TOS Caption Contest #275: I, Caption

KIRK: This cloud... it has some kind of anatomy. The opening where we were drawn in seems to have closed. But there's another opening up there on top. Sulu, see if you can fly us out the opening on the other side.
SULU: Ohhhhh myyyyyy....

KIRK: <sniff sniff> Holy <sniff> Oh good lord!
McCOY: Wasn't me.
CHEKOV: He who smelt it dealt it...
SPOCK: Logically, ensign, he who has denied it supplied it.
UHURA: ...

My thoughts to your thoughts... my mind to your mind... pimpin aint easy... pimpin aint easy...

Kirk: "Dude, you smoked that whole thing by yourself?"
Norman: "Naw, man... thisss issss some good sssssshit!"
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