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Re: Similitude vs. Tuvix

It was a good episode in a morbid kind of way just like Tuvix and the similarities are there to be certain. It was a good scene when Sim said "you're not a murderer" and Archer asked him not to make him one. But really by the time Sim was created he was one. He made Sim to save Trip's life. That's supposed to be his whole reason for existing. So either way he's already played god and one of them's gonna die and Archer -was- a murderer by that point.

And our dear Doctor Phlox conveniently keeps to himself that he can extend Sim's lifespan because well... that will keep him from helping out. At least Janeway was honest about what she did. She killed Tuvix because she liked Tuvok and Neelix more. The fact that Kes crying over Neelix persuaded her is proof of that. This crew... really shied away from the issue.
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