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Re: Should Illia and Decker have survived ?

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Riker was always pretty much destined to remain the the trusty Number One right through TNG from conception to reception
Actually, if you go back to the earliest announcements, "Will Ryker" was to have been the lead character of the series, denying his captain the change to accompany away teams (led by feisty Security Chief Macha Hernandez, who was to look like Jenette Goldstein's character in "Aliens"). This was based partly on David Gerrold's suggestions in a chapter of "World of Star Trek", as to how to make TOS more believable it were ever to be remade.

It was only when they realised what a huge talent they'd uncovered with Patrick Stewart that the Riker role got pared back a little.

Lance wrote: View Post
While the format documents hint at Phase II being more of a ensemble than TOS, to be honest the format documents for TOS were almost the same.

My bet is that had it gone into production, it's possible Phase II would have literally been a slightly updated TOS - not yet confident enough to go all out and do something different like in TNG, it might have been mired even more in basically being seen as a belated TOS season four.
Although, after years of conventioneering beside Roddenberry, I think Takei, Doohan, Nichols and Koenig went into "ST Phase II" with an expectation that it would have a more ensemble feel.
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