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Re: Alien Nation fans?

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What exactly was the relationship between the original movie and the series? Was it like Stargate, where the series was a more or less straight in-continuity continuatio of the movie? Or was it more like, say, MASH where the movie was more of a springboard for characters and ideas, but definitely not in continuity with the series?
As I recall it was a mild reboot with Francisco family members changing their names and Detective Sikes changing from Skyes.

But early on in the TV series other concepts were introduced like the humans wearing hats to protect themselves from the environmental damage. I think they introduced Francisco as the new, maybe first detective and partner on TV but its been years
I'd argue there's very little relationship between the original movie and the TV series continuity. The year was changed from 1991 to 1995 (although the later TV movies based on the series pushed the year forward even more), there's never any mention of George ever being named Sam Francisco, and even though there's a flashback to movie events, it happens in the context of Matt telling George how his old partner died. In the movie, George is an active part of the events, so he wouldn't need Matt to explain things. In the movie, the aliens who've enslaved the Newcomers used a drug to keep them in line; in the series, a gas was used that made them submissive.

As I recall, the first Alien Nation novel, "Day of Descent," did a pretty good job of stitching together the disparate elements of the film and the series.
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