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Personally, I wonder how Disney execs are going to react if JJ Abrams stays true to form and delays the release date of Star Wars like he did his two Star Treks. Somehow, under these circumstances I don't think Disney is going to be as understanding as Paramount was.
Given Disney's one film a year strategy, I think the schedule is a bit more rigid. Also, as far as I know, Paramount's decision to move the release of Star Trek from December of 2008 to May of 2009 wasn't Abrams' decision, although it probably benefited the film.
I was more making a reference to STID, which had it's original release date of June 2012 postponed because Orci and gang needed more time on the script. Plus there was some talk around the time Abrams was announced as Episode 7's director that he was considering postponing the 2015 date. Details.

But, due to Disney's desperation for a franchise and their plan to do an SW movie a year, I really can't see Disney indulging Abrams the way Paramount did. Hell, there are already rumours Paramount is looking for a director who can guarantee Trek XIII by 2016.
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