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Similitude vs. Tuvix

A lot of people condemn Janeway for separating Tuvix, but what Archer did in "Similitude" doesn't seem to be that different on a basic level. The only differences seem to be that, on ENT, there was a desperate situation involved and that Archer CHOSE to create the cloned copy of Trip in order to save him. In a way, one could argue that in and of itself that act was immoral. Creating a life that is destined to soon die to save another. At least Janeway did not CHOOSE to combine Tuvok and and Neelix. It was an accident.

That said, the main difference is that at the end, the Sim chose death to save Trip in a way that Tuvix didn't choose death to save Tuvok and Neelix. Sim knew there was a possible cure that would allow him to live longer, but the consequence would be that Trip would die in result. However, Sim's death was more of a "true death" in the sense that at the end, they had a dead body. Also the circumstances surrounding Sim's creation and death were darker and shadier than on Tuvix because creating him was deliberate. They must have known that the Sim would not take kindly to being created in a lab, being forced to work, and then to die shortly after.

What do you guys think? Which was worse?

I don't mean to be starting another "Tuvix thread".

Just wondering which circumstance seemed "worse" to you?
Obviously neither situation was even close to ideal...
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