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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Japan's Self Defense Force IS A MILITARY ORGANIZATION!!!
Legally, it is not. Look it up.

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it's not a strawman if everyone thinks it's going to happen
Why do I get the feeling you didn't even read my last post? Anyway, you could not be more wrong. It doesn't matter how many people think it's going to happen. It only matters whether it is going to happen. That you seem to overlook completely that Cartwright and Chang are in league with each other and are both trying to provoke continued hostilities with their dishonest arguments is almost beside the point. The same straw man was raised twice and you fell for it both times! Don't feel bad though, that's why people use them in the first place: because they can be effective in swaying people even though they are fallacious! (By the way, the very notion that "everyone" thought Starfleet was going to be put in mothballs is a straw man in itself.)

I'm finding this discussion less fun and less productive by the page, so I think I will just bow out of it, at least for the moment. If I have contributed to driving it further off topic, I apologize to the OP.
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