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Where MoS may have taken shortcuts is that we don't see the Kents realize Kal-El is a superpowerful alien, and we don't see Clark leave home for good.
They know he is an alien.

"You're the answer, son. You're the answer to 'Are we alone in the universe?'"

I don't think he's saying that don't know he's an alien, he's saying we don't see the moment where they realize it for the first time.
Emphasis on 'superpowerful' In the original, the Kents seem not to understand that he's an alien until after his demonstration of superstrength. In Greg's novelization, it seems infant Kal-El's Siryn-like scream is the first explicit demonstration of his superpowers.

An interesting question popped into my head while rewatching Superman II: could Superman have just refused to obey his mother, and choose to be with Lois Lane without giving up his powers? It's not like the holograms of Jor-El and Lara could have stopped him, right? They certainly didn't punish Superman when he went back in time to save Lois.

Mini-rant: flawed as it was, I did enjoy Superman Returns. But I can't stand how Lex Luthor was not only able to infiltrate the Fortress of Solitude (again!), but that Jor-El doesn't even recognize that it's not Kal-El.
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