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Re: 7 Things That Must Be In MAN OF STEEL 2

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Sorry, but I disagree; if we're going by what's happening in reality in most cities in North America, then there wouldn't be a Suicide Slum, since it and most places like it are being gentrified (eg.The Bronx in New York and Regent Park in Toronto, plus other places.) I'd like to think that Superman rebuilt 'Suicide Slum' in between this movie and the next one; maybe a scene in the next movie can focus on that without it being a major big plot point. Again, the author is trapped in the past, as you said, and this would just add on more to the story that doesn't need to be there and the the average moviegoer won't give a shit about (he should know the differences between a movie and a book by now.)
Good points. However, there are always "bad areas of town" and maybe "Suicide Slum" could represent that.

Oh, but there IS a way for Lex to be businessman Lex AND fight Superman with Kryptonian tech-it's shown here in this story: Superman: Up, Up and Away!. A bit of it could only be used, and it would have to be revised somewhat to fit businessman Lex, but it could be done, the same way bits and pieces of Knightfall were used for The Dark Knight Rises.
One problem with that, is that, "Up, Up, and Away" had similar plot threads as Superman Returns. In both cases, Lex discovers a Kryptonian crystal and uses it to attack Metropolis. It was done much, much better in "Up, Up, and Away" (one of my favorite Superman stories), but if they are not careful, people will compare it with Superman Returns.

That being said, with Zod losing his armor and all of the Kryptonian technology that must still be around, it's possible that Lex could appropriate that and make something to be on par with Superman, that's non-crystalline in nature (leave that with the Donner films).

Agreed again. I don't even think that she's in the New 52 Superman comic books (Action Comics, Superman, Superman Unchained) and that seems to be what the writers of Man Of Steel are basing the current movie and the next one on. I like/love Maggie, Dan, Tobey, and Jamie to bits, but this is indeed way too much baggage for a writer and a director to put into a movie.
She's in the New 52, over in Batwoman (at least she was last year when I stopped reading the comics). Which isn't to say they couldn't use her, but it's unlikely.

Ditto on this one, too, except for one thing; the plot line could be utilized to have Superboy be created by cloning in a secret project even more secret than the Cadmus Project! Of course, he would be used against Superman later, but somehow, Superman uses Kryptonian tech to awaken racial memories within the clone, and also imparts a bit of himself into the clone to make him into the Superboy we know and love (Connor Kent version).
This might not be a bad idea for a tie-in comic, same as the idea for the SCU, but I just don't see it being a movie.
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