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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I'm glad it's making money. I'm not enthusiastic about the movie and felt it could've been better and made some odd decisions and such, but I'm interested in seeing where a sequel can go.
Didn't you give MOS a A- in the discussion topic? You don't sound like you liked it much at all. Do you grade on a curve or something?
I do, actually. I wouldn't call it a "curve" so much as it's just an oddly weighted system. The movie was good and well made and I liked all of that, but it failed to completely meet all of my expectations but I wasn't going to knock the movie's grade any simply because it didn't meet my expectations. I tried to grade the movie based on what it was. Which, really, it was good.

Just when I dig into it I have a *lot* of problems with it, but it's all stuff I look to see expanded upon or established in any sequels. I mean I'm all for a Superman who doesn't kill and tries to take the damage to remote areas but that's an "established" Superman and maybe the events here is what brings him to that point? I'm all for a Superman that doesn't kill but maybe THIS is why that's the case. It "hurt" too much to kill Zod and he doesn't want to do that again. So many are my problems are in a "maybe they're trying to build something here" sense.

All the same, it was a good movie and I look forward to sequels, hoping these issues will be addressed/fixed and there's something grander they're building to. I have some trust in that.

Pa Kent's death and treatment was still really dumb and backasswards, though.
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