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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

I'm all over the place, because that's who I am, you seem to be as dishevelled in your arguments as I am. I'm obviously a bad influence. Sorry about that.

What's your opinion on the Emperor of America?

Or what about when there were two Presidents?

Was Jefferson Davis still the President after the Confederacy surrendered?

Would Hathaway still be president if he tried to surrender? How many unsuccessful surrenders were his seconds going to allow him before they relived Ben of duty for being wimp?

Focussing on your argument...

The President is the president until he dies (or reaches the end of his term, or reaches the end of his term limits. It's been three years. If Hathaway is persisting without re-election, then his presidency may not be entirely legal. But then asking for a show of hands from a room full of his buddies might technically count as an election.).

The President is given power by the people through election, and it is that power that defines him and not the size or power of the actual United States, since, as far as the Aspheni war machine is concerned they own every inch of land on the planet which he could think to stand on. So even if there is no United States the real-estate, there's still the United States the concept which is in the hearts of the citizens, you know until they're all murdered by Aspheni cannon fire, just like how the Jews wandered around for centuries without a country to call their own.

So after they kill all the Americans, is it then that there is no United States of America? I mean there is still an Italy and a Rome, but no "Romans" to speak of despite Tony Soprano's protestations other wise that he is the legacy of the Roman Empire... RIP Jim.

Yes I agree that a white on white (wait for it.) civil war is unlikely after Earth is taken back, especially if Free Elections are on the books immediatelyish that Hathaway can stand against whoever represents Charleston and any other contenders for leadership... Although if Hathaway has been in touch with and protecting %99 of the country which survived the first days of the war, surely his base in the millions should be able to outvote the shit out of the thousands living in Charleston even if they are the greatest war heroes ever?

Back to the racial thing.

Native Americans.

Fuck whitey.

Whitey moved in, out bred them, and invented a mystical magical pretend government that stole their land and turned them for the most part for the first 400 years into third class citizens.

To the Indians, there should be barely any difference between the Aspheni and the Europeans, and frankly if they don't take advantage of this opportunity to fight whitey on a level playing field to take their country back, they almost deserve being practically exterminated by white America, just like multicoloured America deserved to be exterminated if they had rolled over for the Aspheni.

In the other post Apocalypse show "Revolution" if whitey strays into Plains Nation Territory, which covers a serious chunk of the former united states, they get their face cut off.
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