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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Witnesse testimony is actually more reliable than hard evidence to you ?
Security camera shows a person pull something out of his pocket and a cop shoots him in the leg.

The victim says the object was a cell phone.
A witness says the object was a cell phone.
The cop says the object turned out to be a cell phone.
YOU freeze-frame the camera footage and say "It looks like a gun to me."

Who am I supposed to believe?

In other words your use of pictures as evidence was a red herring. I was wondering that the pictures were supposed to show,
it shows that in many military and civilian combat units LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME and may in fact be the same PEOPLE under different circumstances.

The difference isn't their equipment or their role. The difference is their PURPOSE. Starfleet's purpose is peaceful exploration and scientific research; Alt-Starfleet's purpose in Yesterday's Enterprise is to defeat the enemy (namely, the Klingons). The shift in mission changes a lot more than the "mood lighting" (lol) on the bridge. It changes the ship's operating procedures, its mission roles, most aspects of its design and resource allocation, personnel priorities, etc. IOW the differences between Yesterday's Enterprise Alt Starfleet and Regular starfleet is that one is a military organization and the other is not; it is, to be sure, very similar to the difference between a squad of harbor police, and a squad of marines.

Ah... no. Having civilians fighting alongside trained military personel would just get more people killed on your side.
Usually, yes. That's one of the reasons why resistance movements tend to be so costly in the long run.
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