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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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ALL of the other passes were attack runs; the Klingons fired at them every time, chipping away at their defenses. Kirk was able to overcome them by playing possum and then smacking them with torpedoes when they dropped their guard.
But the thing is, the Klingons were only able to "chip away" because of the sabotage and the subsequent playing possum ruse. We got no evidence that this would have been possible against a non-sabotaged ship.
Exactly. If the the Klingon ship wasn't afraid of the Enterprise she would've went in guns blazing like in the beginning of "Errand of Mercy". The attack-and-run passes were testing the waters to see if the Enterprise was indeed sabotaged or not.

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That a small BoP challenges Kirk on (at least) two occasions (as the "Errand of Mercy" teaser is a likely third case) nevertheless is probably more an indication of such a ship being more expendable than a battle cruiser than of such a ship having better odds.
The destroyed Klingon ship in "Errand of Mercy" wasn't described so it could just as well have been a battlecruiser. Perhaps the Klingons learned first hand that their battlecruisers were not a match for the Enterprise in this episode?

As to the Klingon BOPs, if they all had the same mindset of Klaa then the thought of a surprise attack winning over a superior enemy and the prestige it brings probably has some influence over why they're willing to sneak up and challenge the Enterprise. (It also helps that the Enterprise can't shoot back at it like in TUC.)

Thinking about the Romulan Ambassador in TUC - could it have something to do with the "improved" relations at the end of TFF? Kirk did rescue the Romulan Ambassador. That could've lead to a more "friendlier"/"manipulative" Romulan Empire having access to the Federation's diplomats.
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