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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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The flaw being the magically appearing back-up copy of the EMH that only a few episodes earlier they didn't have?

And even if they did manage to construct one and it was lost why not construct another one. As in later episodes there was no EMH back-up module. As plot flaws goes it's a big one.
No it's not. They made one between episodes, and they didn't have the materials to make another one.

Honestly, this is just another example of how unpleasable VOY's audience is. They do something that shows they don't have 100% renewable tech (they can't make another backup) and no one cares.

Of course setting aside the massive plot hole it was one of VOY's better episodes.
Which you wouldn't know, based on the endless whining and griping.

"Best of Both Worlds" or "Wrath of Khan" could've been VOY episodes and no one would see anything worthwhile about those stories if they were the VOY audience.
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