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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Cary L. Brown said:
Glad to see that at least the ISS Titan is getting that third impulse engine... though I still think it'd work better down just under the hangar deck "strip" in the fantail area...
Thanks, it was a valid point for me to add that impulse deck.
I totally forgot to think about it when I refit the U.S.S. Titan in to the I.S.S.

As for putting the impulse engine under the fantail, I tried that and
I did not like the look of it there, plus if messed with my aft torpedo launcher.

I'm curious, personally, what a non-ISS-paintjob would look like with these engines

I may make another ship similar to the U.S.S. Titan in the future that has the I.S.S. Nacelles. It will be a while though.

One other question... it LOOKS like you underside-mounted thrust vents on the primary hull impulse housings. Is that what I'm seeing there? If so... is that something new, and if so... what's behind those?

Nope they are on the U.S.S. Titan as well just a neutral color. On the 3D Mesh I think we have them blue. With the I.S.S. ships I tried to turn everything that lit blue was lit Red to make them have a menacing feel to them.
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