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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 77; Fooling around

Major Kira was impressed with her brithday present from Dax until she found out that she wasnt invited to the party.

Bashir and O'Brien were quite amused by the catfight that spilled out of the holodeck but were disappointed by the durability of the brightly colored flimsy looking outfits the girls were wearing.

As Ezri waited with closed eyes and barely suppressed excitement to see what her birthday present would be Bashir and O'Brien watched with fascinated horror as Morn began to perform his erotic dance routine and Kira struggled to suppress her amusement over her revenge.

Nog: What happened to the bar? It looks like the Dominion invaded.
Quark: Same thing that happens everyyear. I knew i shouldnt have let Dax hold her birthday celebration at the bar but i thought, hey, its Ezri, she's not as wild as Jadzia was. But this is worse than last year.
Rom: ...what is that on the dabo table? It looks kinda like Morn but ...naked?

Sisko: You two have been missing for days and now i find you adrift in the gamma quadrant? What happened?
Kira: was Dax's birthday...i dont really remember much.
Bashir: I remember. I remember everything. The curse of a genetically enhanced mind.
Kira: ...why am i wearing Morn's dress?
Bashir: The better question would be why am i wearing your underwear.
Kira and Sisko: .....
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