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Re: Justice League Movie Fantasy Cast

DEAN CAIN as Clark Kent/Superman: Say what you will. I still think he's the best on-screen supes since George Reeves.

CHRISTIAN BALE as Bruce Wayne/Batman: What? I think he did a great job. He should suit up one more time.

GINA CARANO as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Because, Frankly, she's not a good enough actress to pull off "Princess of Themiscyra," we need to bring Diana Prince back. And not the crappy TV pilot Diana Prince. NSA or Homeland Security (the equivalents of Combined intelligence and IADC from the Lynda Carter TV show.)

CHRIS HEMSWORTH as Aquaman: Yes, I want Aquaman, and not just communing with frigging fish.

LIAM HEMSWORTH as The Flash: Cause you need a lanky guy as the Scarlet Speedster and hey, the Hemsworths can be in the same movie, so the ladies will be happy.

MORRIS CHESTNUT as John Stewart/Green Lantern: I never really liked Kyle Rayner, and Ryan Reynolds frigged up Hal Jordan so bad I don't want to see him again

CARL LUMBLY as John Jones (Human form. CGI as J'Onn J'Onzz/Martian Manhunter): Just so Carl can get as much play out of Manhunter as Kevin Conroy gets outta Batman.

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Fire, Eva Mendes.

Ice, Allyson Mack

Big Barda, Julie Strain

Maxwell Lord, Alec Baldwin.
Shit...awesome choices...
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