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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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I don't think you do.

This is the military.
This is not.

Not Military

Spot the difference.
Erm, I see different lighting and circumstance.

If Starfleet is not a military organisation, please collectively explain the following anomalies:

- Starfleet is shown as the primary defensive and offensive combat provider for the Federation (the dominion war, battle of Wolf 359 etc.).
- Starfleet is shown engaging in both overt and covert operations of a military nature (small team hunting for Metagenic weapons, establishing a Blockade to prevent Romulan engagement in the Klingon Civil War, establishing a fleet at Wolf 359 to intercept the Borg invasion).
- Starfleet engages in naval anti-piracy operations (stolen vessels are apprehended for instance)
Starfleet was seen doing all of this and more in the 22nd century where it was unquestionably a non-military organization. That they continue to be a non-military organization 200 years later is therefore unsurprising.
That merely supports the evolution of Starfleet's role from a NASA-like organization to an organisation that in fact operates as a military.

Pre Federation, Starfleet essentially evolved to serve as Earth's military.

There is nothing explicit on screen that establishes that Starfleet did not engage in military activities, or function as a military in the 23rd Century.

In the 22nd Century, military organisations were things like the British navy (which is established to exist), and the MACOs (to provide marine support).

On the whole, I do not share your clarity on the overall non-military nature of Starfleet, only that it started out with a more NASA-like focus on exploration.

Again, please explain the anomalies I have pointed out. If Starfleet is not a military, why is it, as a non-military organisation, displaying all of the traits of one by the 23rd Century?

I see Starfleet as a NASA-meets-the-Navy type organisation.

Spock has spoken about certain things transcending even "discipline of the service" (TOS: Amok Time).

Starfleet very much is engaged in activities related to peacekeeping and war.

It's PRIMARY MISSION is exploration, but it also has a mission for defense.

That, in and of itself, irrespective of protestations to the contrary, establishes it as a military in form and function.

Because its focus is not the usual military mission (war), I can see the confusion.

Starfleet is both NASA and the Navy in role, so serves as both military and exploratory/scientific organisations.

RE: Scotty's line, he's seeing a purely clandestine military mission that goes against the greater ideals of Starfleet.

A mission of pure attack, without provocation, being ordered, rather than one aimed at defense or exploration.

Starfleet may not call itself a Military organisation, but it does, in fact, consistently serve as one, and thus is one.
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