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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

Pingfah wrote: View Post
Well, eternal damnation is a pretty big deal.
Yeah. If one believes in it, and is sincere, I understand the need to try and bring people into the safe zone. Not that a number of the fundamentalist Christians here want that. From them I get the need to prove how right they are, and how wrong you'll be when you find out just how much God hates your sin. I don't sense much honest sincerity from the faith anymore, and certainly not from the ID/Creationist crowd. Anyone who wants to sneak their teachings in under another cover, and then blatantly deny it, is willing to do whatever it takes out of pride, not out of any sincerity of love. They don't want honest faithful, they want head nodding believers. That's the totally wrong way to go about it.

Just to clarify, I won't include all Creationists in that umbrella, because not everyone will be that way, but few have ever given me cause to think otherwise.
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