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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Never said it did. I've said that their relative lack of specialty in combat training reflects the fact that they are not a military organization. And even Riker called combat proficiency a "minor province" in a commander's duties, something which Star Trek has been remarkably consistent about.
That is also in the same episode as Picard's "we aren't the military". I wonder how many starship commanders thought combat proficiency was a "minor province" during all those battles on Deep Space Nine? You seem to hinge everything on Picard's statement, yet he's been wrong before.
Case in point in a deleted scene from Nemesis he said the HMS Beagle was unarmed when Darwin was on it, whereas a history museum I went to had an evolution exhibit which pointed out that before that voyage the ship's captain had to get canons made out of a different material than the ones that came with the ship (he apparently did this out of pocket) so they wouldn't mess with their instruments.
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