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Re: Enterprise question

And his "year class" of starship skippers is not the only one we have to consider: the movie is evidence that the previous commanders of starships did not gain experience on five-year missions against V'Ger like things, either. It's not just twelve people (minus casualties) we are discussing. If assignments lasting five years are exceptionally long, then it's all the more reason to think there are dozens upon dozens of former starship skippers available at Earth, and yet none can outshine Rear Admiral Kirk. (If five-year missions are common, then there might be fewer ex-skippers in existence, but the odds of finding an experienced skipper on Earth as opposed to an inexperienced one would correspondingly increase.)
Not sure I agree, with twelve or thirteen ships doing deep space exploration of the sort that would give the experience to deal with V'Ger no others on Earth is not unreasonable, especially if some Constitution class ships are still out there, as to previous commanders, well April would be extremely old and Pike not exactly available either. TOS seems to imply only the Constitution ships are "starships" so dozens upon dozens of former skippers seems OTT
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