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Re: The Tholian Web - more questions from the kids

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Thanks McCoy, so in less than 30 seconds you tell Spock he effed up and not only killed the Captain, but trapped in Crazy Space.
McCoy was upset and angry at the situation so he was unfairly taking it out on Spock. He was emotionally upset over Kirk, worried about the crew and finding the antidote, and there is evidence that he was physically unwell too (he almost faints at one point).

And I am not saying Spock wasn't upset over Kirk or worried about the situation. But lets face it Spock handles stress a bit better than most humans.

Maybe you have never taken your emotions out on the wrong person but it is actually a pretty common human thing to do. Isn't the whole point that McCoy can make a mistake and admit he was wrong?

Mars Weeps wrote: View Post
No, it's pretty clear that the same thing that caused the Defiant's crew to kill each other is starting to happen on the Enterprise.
Don't get me wrong I think that could explain part of McCoy's behavior but I don't think we should completely exonerate him either. Like I said he made a mistake and apologized. That is a great character moment. Certainly better to me than a character always being perfect.
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