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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

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It isn't the root of all evil. But people who are smart enough are able to use it to justify anything to the people who follow them. Those people do truly believe and I don't think they're evil, just brainwashed. Most of the time the people preaching it are just as brainwashed, so it's basically a sad cycle of abuse.
Does brainwashed mean they are of unsound mind? If not, they are still responsible for their own actions. If you are willing to harm others for your beliefs (and it doesn't matter if you believe in a god, a football team or Captain Picard), you are evil. And if the Nuremberg Trials are of any worth, the excuse "I was just following orders" (and variations) doesn't count either.
They're doing evil, there aren't good people and evil people, just people. Only our actions can be.
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