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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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So you think a ship is military if it is darker and some guys have to wear some weird silver belt/vest type thing on their uniform . . . I see.
I don't think you do.

This is the military.
This is not.

Not Military

Spot the difference.
Erm, I see different lighting and circumstance.

If Starfleet is not a military organisation, please collectively explain the following anomalies:

- Starfleet is shown as the primary defensive and offensive combat provider for the Federation (the dominion war, battle of Wolf 359 etc.).
- Starfleet is shown engaging in both overt and covert operations of a military nature (small team hunting for Metagenic weapons, establishing a Blockade to prevent Romulan engagement in the Klingon Civil War, establishing a fleet at Wolf 359 to intercept the Borg invasion).
- Starfleet engages in naval anti-piracy operations (stolen vessels are apprehended for instance)
Starfleet was seen doing all of this and more in the 22nd century where it was unquestionably a non-military organization. That they continue to be a non-military organization 200 years later is therefore unsurprising.
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