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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Are you maybe under-estimating the fact that "We are about to get invaded by a foreign country!" is a big fucking deal and generally an "all hands on deck!" sort of affair? You do know what an "invasion" is, right?.
given my enlisted service in the United States Army in both the infantry and air defense branches and my time as a commissioned officer in military intelligence, i do feel that I have workable understanding of what the term invasion means.
Then you're perfectly aware as I am that the opposition of an invasion force would -- and in many cases DOES -- involve both the full force of the nation's regular military and anyone else who can carry a weapon, yes? Primarily because the need to oppose an immanent invasion far outstrips the need to distinguish between military forces and non-military police forces.

Overall, the designation of a nation's military is based on the need to define a formal fighting force. If there is no need for such a force, they won't designate one.
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