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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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guys please read this article from Entertainment Weekly, one of the most trusted entertainment sites ever

trek did not make the list. which means to an extent it has been a box office disappointment. I think it is time for us to face reality and look to the future. I hope next time the producers of trek 3 would not listen to a loud minority of trek fans who are demanding that Trek goes back to TOS Mode.

I am not disrespecting TOS. TOS was great of its time. The series is a classic and it even made EW 100 greatest TV shows of all time.

However TOS is now of the past , what made trek 09 a huge success was because it was bold, fresh , unapologetic and daring. Even with its flaws it is without a doubt an outstanding film.

STiD was much more of a huge fan service to TOS trek fans thereby alienating new fans...The box office is proof of that.

STiD is still a huge success but it was not as successful as the studios intended. world wide the film needs to do 500m for it to be a success without question. Sadly it wont get there.

STiD should have done 270m+ in USA and 500m Worldwide.
1) The overseas BO is MUCH better than any Star trek film to date.

2) The combined take makes STID the highest grossing Star trek film made to date, period.

If we follow your logic, that just means Paramount an CBS should shutter the Star Trek franchise.

(And BTW - just because it didn't make some critic's '15 Impressive BO Take' list; it hardly means it's a disappointment to Paramount, as there are MANY Paramount films of 2013 that performed well, will see sequels, and are not on that list.)

STID did VERY good BO business; and we'll see a STXIII by Bad Robot and Co. (And no matter how you slice it, this version of TOS era Star Trek blew EVERY feature film incarnation of TNG out of the water by an order of magnitude. If you really want to look at a disappointing Star Trek film BO performance - Star Trek: Nemesis was out-grossed in Box Office take by Jennifer Lopez's film Maid In Manhattan <---- So if you want proof the TNG film era is NOT the way to go...)
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