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Re: The Tholian Web - more questions from the kids

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No you're dead on. That is my 'go-to' ep in showing how McCoy could be a jerk. One second he's berating Spock for not staying to save the Captain, and the next he's yelling at Spock for trying to save the Captain and endangering the crew.
Just watched the episode again today. McCoy never berated Spock for not staying to save Kirk. In fact when Spock first tells McCoy why he is staying, McCoy doesn't berate him at all. McCoy just warns him that they have to get away from the space because that is what is causing the crew to go crazy.

Only after the plan fails the first time and the Tholians start attacking and trapping them in the space (and Spock tells McCoy to lock himself in the lab) does McCoy start to get angry. It's pretty clear that McCoy doesn't deal well with stress and he is unfairly taking it out on Spock.
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