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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Reports from Anime Expo and France say that the only real change in the dubbing is the ship's name. It is back to being "Argo".

The character names are still their Japanese names and all the other ships are still Japanese. Only Yamato's name is removed and replaced.

There are a few other translation changes but most of those are similar meaning words. This seems to be a marketing tool, so if it gets picked up the locals might do enough research to standardize the technical names and places with previous dubs and subs (The specifc one people are complaining about is the Star Blazers 2199 sub track calls the engines Tachyon Wave Engines. Though that is sort of correct in what it uses, it has generally been translated as Wave Motion Engine since I think the bad 1977 "Star Cruiser" dub.

According to those in France, the staff are saying the change to Argo is deliberate because "Yamato" might be a bad things in the potental Chinese markets. Yamato being an old word sometimes associated with Japanese Nationalism and Imperialism. The staff probably think the name might hurt sales.

My question would be how much expense will they go through to remove the word "Yamato" from the show? The name is kind of on a lot of stuff. Both in English and in Japanese. What most international viewer won't notice the name "Yamato" in Japanese, the Chinese will. They probably will notice it in English as giant capital letters most most places we see it. YAMATO
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