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Re: Voyager again, for the first time


Subspace distortions creating two Voyagers, only revealed after an incredibly tense opening act as the ship gets done over. Great opening.

Though I'll admit, when it started, the ship started blowing up and Kim died, I thought it was another time mishap. How thankful I am that I was wrong.

Then to build up to the Vidiians slowly massacring their way through the 'healthy' ship. Voyager really went big on this one. Although the effect of trying to get two Janeway's into one shot was a bit messy. Even Red Dwarf managed it better. Though two on screen at once is nothing to complain about. Especially battle damaged Janeway.

I'm impressed with the ending, the bravery of sticking with the severely damaged ship instead of the pristine one. Knowing Voyager, I'm saddened that this likely doesn't get followed up.

Kim's dilemma at the end was good, though Kim's the lesser of the two with that in particular problem. Technically the yet to be named Naomi isn't with her mother, and the Wildman who is now her mum lost her Naomi. That's a little messed up... sort of.
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