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Re: Scotty and his military comment

what are you talking about? finding the Mexican army isn't the job of US Border Patrol. oh my goodness you've really gone off the deep end haven't you? do you believe that if California was invaded that the LAPD would be digging foxholes and setting gun emplacements?

I'm beginning to think you don't have any real concept of what police vs military do. militaries fight wars on behalf of the sovereign. police departments do not. militaries defend countries from external attacks. police departments do not. military invade an Occupy foreign soil. police departments do not.

let me know when you start to see a trend here. now guess which one of those Starfleet does.

are you still confused why Starfleet is in fact a military organization? since they, you know, conduct military operations against foreign powers, occupy foreign territories, attack and destroy the resources of opposing powers, etc.

all those exclusively military type activities.
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