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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Vektor said:
Well, there are 62 pods just on the upper side of the primary hull. There will be a similar number or maybe a few less on the underside, plus however many on the secondary hull.

These pods are actually about 18 feet in diameter, so I would think you aught to be able to squeeze at least four in there. I'm guessing there should be enough pods to evacuate between 500 and 600 crewmembers when all is said and done.
Okay, then... let's say, for the mo', that there are 62 topside, 62 underside, and 31 on the secondary hull... for a total of 155 lifeboats. At four people per boat, that's 620 people.

So you could cut the number down by a few where necessary and you'd easily hit your evacuee numbers.

Sounds good to me!
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