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Re: Should Public Transportation Agencies be Allowed to Strike?

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Saito, Thanks for the long, insightful post. You obviously know more than me about this particular situation, so thank you for giving the full picture of it.
Thanks, glad I could be of some help in understanding things!
You're welcome. As I said, labour is a complex topic, there are many grey areas, and every situation has to be judged on its own merit.

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As for the first part of your post, obviously, I couldn't agree more.
Yeah, I really felt the need to say something to that. Conflating owning a business with hard work, implicitly... actually, it was pretty damn explicit, really... implying that if building and running your own business is the only truly respectable option here, is just outrageous.
Yep. But what do you expect from someone whose contribution to this thread so far has been like these?

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Not a popular opinion, but I'm used to that.
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And I do have a grasp of labor issues. I work for a living.
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Saying that not everyone can be self employed is a self-defeating attitude. If that's what you believe about yourself, then you are destined to live at the station in life you have chosen.
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You're looking at this all wrong.
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Again, missing the point. As I've come to see is the norm in these forums.
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