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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Except that non-military organizations aren't expected to fight on behalf of the State.
Except when they are (as in the case of the JSDF and various countries' coast guards).
Japan's Self Defense Force IS A MILITARY ORGANIZATION!!!
Not to the Japanese it isn't.

But again, you didn't click the links so the point kinda went over your head just now, didn't it? What's the difference between a SWAT Team and a SEAL Team? It's not their mission, it's not their equipment. It's not really even their operational authority.

The difference is their PURPOSE. Police departments were created to detain criminals and enforce the nations laws. Militaries were created to fight enemies and defend the homeland. They CAN AND DO swap roles from time to time, which is why we sometimes send the military to arrest criminals and why we sometimes send SWAT teams to deal with pirates and terrorists.

The difference between the Starfleet and Alt Starfleet is their purpose. In the main timeline, Starfleet is primarily an exploration agency. In "Yesterday's Enterprise" it's primarily a warfighting agency. That fundamental shift in mission parameter is the difference between a cop and a marine no matter how much their roles may overlap.

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What was your point? Again with the clothing making the man . . . errrr . . . military?
Quite the opposite in fact: two people with the same uniform, the same gear, the same weapons and the same mission can belong to two completely different types of organizations. It depends primarily on that organizations purpose, as determined by legal statute.

More importantly: a marine scout sniper who leaves the military and joins a SWAT team ceases to be a soldier and becomes a police officer, even if his basic job description remains unchanged.
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