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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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I don't think you do.

This is the military.
This is not.

Not Military

Spot the difference.
Ummm . . . if your security officer is a Klingon you . . . aren't . . . military???

If there is only one chair in the center of the bridge???

Dresses and cleavage aren't allowed on military vessels (so no Deanna Troi!!!)???
Didn't click on the links, did ya?
What was your point? Again with the clothing making the man . . . errrr . . . military?

Look we change uniforms in the US army all the time. It has no bearing on our combat effectiveness or role for national defense.

Starfleet is a military. Its is either the largest or only component of national defense shown in the Star Trek universe. Your denial of what is there in front of you does not change the fact. Calling the Enterprise an ice cream truck doesn't mean its not a starship no matter how much ice cream the ships replicators can make.

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