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Re: Casting the DS9 Relaunch

Emissary of the Prophets said:
What is everyone obsession with Sean Connery?
The man is a terrible actor.
"Terrible" is something of an overstatement (go watch The Hill and/or The Offence if you doubt that he can do it), but he has gotten into something of a rut of doing certain films for money and he clearly doesn't like SF because he really mails it in doing those roles.

Having said that, I don't see Vaughn as Connery in my mind's eye. I use the guy pictured on the front of the books and, to me, his voice is a touch higher than Sean's, more of a tenor. Plus, I imagine him having a little bit of a twang, like he's from Indiana. A subtle one, not like he's walking around sounding like a James Whitcomb Riley poem, but just a little homey. Kind of like Hal Holbrook.

I've also mentioned before that I have a mental picture of Philip Casnof who played Stanislofsky on OZ and is a frequent guest star on the various Law and Order franchises as the young Vaughn from Serpents and The Art.

"Bite me, Curzon."

When we had one of these threads before, someone tossed out Maura Tierney's name for Christine Vale and that's stuck with me since. I just finished The Red King a few days ago and she's very solidly my mental image of the Titan's Exec, now.

Haval_Runa said:
Will Farrell plays Alex Trebeck
Not to pick nits, but Farrell plays Eugene Levy doing Trebek.
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