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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Because it's a non-military organization that is expected to fight the Borg. Duh.
Except that non-military organizations aren't expected to fight on behalf of the State.
Except when they are (as in the case of the JSDF and various countries' coast guards).
Japan's Self Defense Force IS A MILITARY ORGANIZATION!!! Stop using them as an argument that they are not. Everyone acknowledges that. The constitution might say they don't but look close . . . THEY NOT ONLY HAVE ONE but the US wants them to expand it!!!

There ARE countries in the world without militaries. But when invaded they will pretty much just surrender. They are a lot like France except without any pretense of fighting (I'm joking of course). Japan isn't one of those. They will fight you. They are far from a toothless tiger.
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