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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Also remember the Klingons asking Kirk if he's willing to give up starfleet. I guess everybody is enjoying the same strawman, right ?
As a matter of fact, they are.
It's hard to discuss anything with you if you can hold mutually-exclusive opinions simultaneously. It's a strawman, but people are actually considering that option, making it not a strawman, but then it is, somehow.
It's more common than you think.

For whom we have no evidence outside the 22nd century.
We have no evidence of the Xindi or the Suliban either, but I don't see you claiming they've both gone extinct.

Then that is the flaw in your argument: you are relying on eyewitnesses rather than hard evidence.
And I'm interpreting the evidence in the context of statements from multiple expert witnesses who are all high-ranking Starfleet officers. The evidence could be interpreted many different ways, but Picard's statement cannot, and really, neither can Scott.

This is a military.
This is not.
Based on what ? The colour of the lights above the bridge ? The fact that you have to step up to get to the command chair ?
Based on the fact that Picard refers to the Enterprise as a military vessel in his log entry. Twice.
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