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Re: Enterprise question

I would assume that all the Connies got different mission types from deep space research to petrol duty to peaceful diplomatic mission. I assume also that the USS Enterpise was the only ship to seek out new life and complete its mission !!!! E.G. The USS Intrepid was lost with all crew investigating the space creature. I always thought that they must have been captains with the more experience to handle situations and kirk couldn't be the only legendary captain in starfleet???
Agree with this, actually I wondered whether the diferent badge types denoted the Constitution class ship were assigned to different departments of Starfleet as opposed to being individual to the ship ( making Enterprise the deep space exploration one, assigned to UESPA)
Certainly some ships seem fine when last seen, though they lack a crew ( USS Exeter, for example) and one imagines the ships were pressed back into service with new crews ( presumably they did not have refits, since Enterprise was apparently the test bed for that )

Back in the time of TOS, Kirk, his crew and his ship might not have been anything special. That doesn't mean they wouldn't have become unique by the time of ST:TMP somehow, possibly indeed by the virtue of their we-survived-the-full-five-years t-shirts. And indeed we hear rather explicitly that this five-year mission thing makes Kirk uniquely qualified among all Captains or or flag officers currently on Earth to face the V'Ger threat, so it must be a rare achievement indeed.
This is less telling than we might assume. All it means is that none of the other previous captains are not admirals on Earth at that time ( and certainly there are out of 12/13 starships there were not that many in the first place, of those we know of some are dead, one became a planetary governer and if the Vulcans have a ship to themselves surely the Andorians do too) . TNG indicates that a Starship returning to Earth is rare, so the idea of a training vessel left there aside, Its not unreasonable to assume they are sent far and wide, after all why would general defense vessels need long range ( not that we saw any) Starfleet may well consider Earth very safe and not needing Starship defense.
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