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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Vektor said:In case you're wondering, there are 62 escape pods. I figure that's enough relative to the Sovereign's 100 or so considering this is a smaller ship with a smaller crew.
So are these 3-man escape pods? (Like sovereign is supposed to have...)

If so, you'd be able to evacuate 186 people with that many pods. Of course, you also have some shuttlecraft... with four shuttles, about ten people per shuttle... we'll say that's another 40 peole, or 226 evacuees.

So, I'm curious what the complement of the ship actually is? It is definitely a smaller ship than Sovereign... and we know that Sovereign lacks enough pods to handle the entire crew...

On the other hand, even though these are the "pseudo-hex" shaped pods, maybe they're five-person pods, or something like that? (Or maybe only the women and children get to evacuate???)

I'm letting my detail-oriented side show.... I know. But I really enjoy seeing an actual, well-thought-out design.
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