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Re: The Prime Alternative

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Does this version of the shuttle use a landing strut either front or back?

And have you considered doing a rendering of the shuttlebay open perhaps? I'd be interested to see which way your version goes - more TOS or more ST09. Great work so far!
Nope, no landing struts or gear, on this one. My idea for this was that it would land like a helicopter... it has those landing skids on the bottom of the nacelles that could also magnetize, to stick it to things.

I haven't built a shuttle bay interior for the model yet, but it'll probably look more like the TOS / TMP version. The physical model is going to have a custom shuttle bay designed by the builder, so I'll probably do it like that.

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PRIME ALTERNATIVE E Animation fly around :>
Very nice! Would it be difficult to kind of 'redo' the shuttle approach scene from ST-09 using your model?
You mean like a video? yeah, it could be done, it would just take time.

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