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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Also remember the Klingons asking Kirk if he's willing to give up starfleet. I guess everybody is enjoying the same strawman, right ?
As a matter of fact, they are.
It's hard to discuss anything with you if you can hold mutually-exclusive opinions simultaneously. It's a strawman, but people are actually considering that option, making it not a strawman, but then it is, somehow.

The MACOs.
For whom we have no evidence outside the 22nd century.

But that would only be possible if technology has rendered war such a trivial affair that just about anyone could successfully fight an entire war without really being trained to do so.
We actually see them train.

I believe Starfleet is not a military organization because they SAY they're not a military organization.
Then that is the flaw in your argument: you are relying on eyewitnesses rather than hard evidence.

This is a military.
This is not.
Based on what ? The colour of the lights above the bridge ? The fact that you have to step up to get to the command chair ?

Which still begs the question: what kind of organization IS Starfleet that two of its most prominent officers can believe that it isn't a military organization?
What people believe is irrelevant. Q, for instance, proved Picard wrong at least once.
And that's my opinion.
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