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Re: The Prime Alternative

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Man, you do that all in Blender?! Nice! I would love to see what you can do with 3DS Max or Maya, cause if you can do near Professional level work with Blender, you could possibly land a job at ILM
Ha, thanks. Not sure about that, but I feel like I get pretty good results out of it. There are guys doing some really cool stuff over at .

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If I offended anybody I'm sorry, just a lot of people I know who work in the VFX, or Games industry use Maya or 3DS Max. So if I came off as condescending on professionals who use Blender I do apologize.
No offense here, but I know the reputation Blender has picked up over the years. Since it's free, so many people try it but never progress past the playing stage. With the newer versions, they've really make some cool changes, that make it feel like some of the commercial apps.

I used Maya a long time ago when I had a free student version, 7 maybe? I played with Lightwave and Max some too, but I'm just too invested in Blender now.

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