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Re: Size of starfleet?

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I don't understand why the UFP would allow individual member worlds to maintain separate fleets. That would discourage members from contributing technological advancements and personnel to the central defense for the Federation.
How so? They have every incentive to share technologies among themselves, not least of which because they can expect to get something in return. More importantly, it would be a lot harder to distribute their shipbuilding techniques -- the results of decades or even centuries of trial and error and passed-down knowhow -- to an alien species they have little in common with.

Also, in the DS9 episode "Rapture" a Starfleet Admiral states "The Bajoran militia must be integrated into starfleet,"
I seem to recall that KIRA said that, and in that case it was more of a guess.

jmampilly wrote: View Post
If the members maintained individual fleets, why is it that all of starfleet's vessels were standardized and looked similar during the Dominion war?
Because we only saw ships from the Sol branch of the fleet. We didn't see a single Andorian or Tellarite anywhere in the entire war; I suspect those forces probably had their hands busy coordinating with the Romulans on the other side of the quadrant.
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