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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Never said it did. I've said that their relative lack of specialty in combat training reflects the fact that they are not a military organization. And even Riker called combat proficiency a "minor province" in a commander's duties, something which Star Trek has been remarkably consistent about.
That is also in the same episode as Picard's "we aren't the military". I wonder how many starship commanders thought combat proficiency was a "minor province" during all those battles on Deep Space Nine? You seem to hinge everything on Picard's statement, yet he's been wrong before. I tend to think of his statement as his idealized vision of what Starfleet is.

You're right that Star Trek has been incredibly consistent but not about Picard or Riker's comments. Combat tactics have seemed incredibly important going all the way back to Balance of Terror.

When they were expecting a war with the Cardassians to erupt at Galorndon Core, they sent Starfleet.

Yesterday's Enterprise wrote:
Military log, Combat date 43625.2. While investigating an unusual radiation anomaly, the Enterprise has encountered what could almost be called a ghost from its own past, the Enterprise-C, the immediate predecessor to this battleship.
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