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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x02 "The Ensigns of Command"

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Some nice things visually in this episode. I like the statue in McKenzie's place, which looks like it's made from a gas can and other spare parts. The look of the Sheliak and their ship is pretty cool too.

Inevitably, the cameltoe must be mentioned, so here's the mention. I never really noticed it before, but it's very noticeable in HD.

Problem with the central conflict: it will take weeks to evacuate the colonists, but the Sheliak will only allow a few days. It's hard to believe that the Federation had 374 legal experts working on this treaty and nobody anticipated this situation.
Lets examine the situation

Planet is an area with high levels of Hyeronic Radiaton which is lethal to humans

The treaty which seeded the Planet to the Sheliak Corperate was sign long before the S.S. Artemis was launched.

It's not like they could have forseen a later event. If there was any planet swapping due to the treaty no doubt they would have been something in it. That said" this treaty comes into effect on stardate xxxxx.x you have until then to remove any colonies."
I don't mean that they should have anticipated that this situation would arise at this particular place and time, just this kind of situation in general.

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Ah, villain ADR Guy, how great you were.
Why was he ADRed?

The robot-looking statues in the house of the colonist looks like one of the attack drones from the Star Wars Prequels.
I think it looks like a relative of Crow from MST3K.
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