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Re: The X-Files: for want of a modern cellphone...

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Where this becomes a problem is when a show set in the future becomes anachronistic because of new technology/science developments or even things like the discovery of the Titanic or a lack of WWIII in the late nineties.
Or like on TNG when the away team has to constantly describe to Picard what they're seeing, even though by that time you'd think they'd just be transmitting live video feeds directly to the ship.

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I love watching 60s shows like Hawaii 5-0, Mannix, Mod Squad, etc. Shows I loved in my yoot.

There was always a point where there's an emergency and someone says "I've got to get to a phone!!" Used to be perfectly normal, now I do a double-take.

Then of course, once they get to the phone, they dial 0 and say "Hello Operator? Get me the police!"
Yeah watching the old 50s Superman TV series, it always cracks me up how it wasn't until the last minute when someone was finally able to get ahold of Clark by telephone, to tell him where the bad guys were hiding out, that he was able to spring into action and fly off to save Lois and Jimmy.
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