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Re: Joel Revisits TOS....

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

The Enterprise gets a sudden signal from planet Exo III from a Dr. Roger Korby, when they arrive in orbit of said planet Previous expeditions were unable to find him.On board the Enterprise happens to be Nurse Christine Chapel, Korby's fiancee. Chapel and Kirk beam down to meet Korby and survivors, who are living on the planet's underground, and are part of a sinister plot that involves creating an army of androids to take over the Enterprise and beyond.

Power corrupts when humans try to play 'God' or create life. Also, artificial intelligence may learn the imperfections of human nature, finding said human nature a damaging attribute which leads artifical intelligence to destroy the negative aspect human nature or 'imperfections' in order to create a better environment.

Plot Holes/Plot Issues:
Two expeditions have failed to find Roger Korby, but Korby just happens to notify the Enterprise, which just happens to have his fiancee on board. Too coincidental.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
Star Trek works very well with subtlety when it proclaims people coming together of different backgrounds.We see two Enterprise crew on the bridge smiling to one another in the background as they listen to Chapel talk to Korby as two lovers reunited: A blonde, white male in a blue jumpsuit and a black woman in yellow. Uhura also gives a kiss to Christine before she leaves Star Trek's first interracial kiss, before 'Mirror, Mirror,' before 'Space Seed,' before 'Elaan of Troyius' and before 'Plato's Stepchildren' - as she is also happy that Christine found her man.

We get our two first two red shirt deaths, Matthews and Rayburn, who are separated and taken down by Ruk. I like the way Kirk is very distressed about the loss of his officers. I don't recall him, or later episodes really given a thought about the loss of life that occurs within the security ranks.

The reveal of Korby's companions is pretty interesting. Dr. Brown's is in a silhouette before he turns on the lights to show himself fully; I liken him to other assistants to mad scientists like Igor to Dr. Frankenstein. On the other hand, Andrea's reveal is a bit more humorous and sexual. Christine calls her a 'mechanical geisha,' and the camera gets various questionable glances from Christine to Andrea when the female android is revealed in her titillating attire. I like the way Andrea talks breathlessly, coming off as the 'younger' woman who learns about sexual practices when Kirk and Chapel beam down. Even though Christine hints at sexual relationship between Korby and Andrea, the female android seems more interested in sexual practices when Kirk beams down and Korby claims the female android can have no feelings, sexual or otherwise, even though we see the contrary. Lastly, Ruk is an imposing presence being the murderer of the two aforementioned security officers, but is part of two (?) scenes that are a bit over-the-top when he questions his programming from the 'old ones' that clashes what he is learning from Kirk; he holds Kirk in his grasp while monologuing.

Dr. Roger Korby is too caught up in his plans or experiments that he becomes a contradiction. He always makes claims that no one will be harmed, or that anyone that has been harmed was due to a misunderstanding. He is the stereotypical mad scientist who thinks he has control when circumstances plainly show otherwise. Soon, his creations turn on him as they learn human emotions from Kirk, Chapel, and the overall situation. Furthermore, the reveal of his 'cyborg -i-zation' is supposed to show that he had become more machine than man, but I just see it as a crazy man who tried to, as aforementioned, play God with himself. He probably thought he was successful with himself and his assistant Dr. Brown, so why not create a female companion (Andrea) and appeal to an alien android for further companionship and protection (Ruk). Too, he has an over-the-top line that bugs me: 'I AM ROGER KOOORBY!'

The androids have much in common with other artificial beings of science fiction. Ruk and Andrea (like Hal 9000 from 2001 and 2010, the androids from the classic TOS episode 'I, Mudd,' Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and even the aliens from the anime series Robotech) have contradictions according to their 'programming' which goes against their newly found emotions or ability to think for themselves and reason.

3.0 out of 5. When I first saw this episode years ago, I liked it because it was a Christine Chapel episode. (I must have had a crush on the character...hahaha) Looking at it now, it's an 'interesting episode,' but not one of my recommended episodes or one I would put into my personal 'canon'...nor one I find as challenging as, say, 'Balance of Terror.'

Star Trek will return in
'Dagger of the Mind'
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