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Re: how many of you realy like the TOS tv show

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Yeah. Or it's a load of toss!
Hmm. I've never actually heard TOS pronounced "toss."

Most people I know say "Tee-Oh-Ess."

(Just like TNG is "Tee-Enn-Gee.")
How interesting. I doubt I've heard anyone pronounce it, because most people I know would just say "Star Trek". Reading it off the page, it's a pronouncable acronym in the way that TNG isn't, so my brain reads it as "tos". So I'm glad it isn't pronounced like that. You learn something new every day.
The abbreviations are useful when comparing and contrasting the various different flavors of Trek, as in "Combadges weren't around in TOS. They were invented in TNG. And, by the way, how is your new DS9 novel going?"

And, for the record, I've never heard anyone try to pronounce "DS9".

It's always "Dee-Ess-Nine."
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