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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Again, this is superfluous and doesn't change the overriding fact that Starfleet is an armed force that fights on behalf of the Federation making them military.
I know you're coming in late, but that's not always even true in the real world. The JSDF is legally classified as an "armed force" but in Japanese language, practice and law its personnel are technically civil servants employed by the prime minister. IOW, Japan considers itself to have no actual military; it merely has military equipment that happens to be run by a group of trained civilians.

And the Federation exists in a completely different world with a completely different legal (and technological) framework.

It would seem hard to argue that Starfleet is a bunch of unarmed scientists who do not engage in combat...
No, Starfleet is a bunch of ARMED scientists who engage in combat. Moreover, they're not particularly good at it.
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